It is with great pleasure that I inform you that Katherine Vos van Liempt and Ben van Beek have accepted our offer to be the new General Manager and Event Manager of the Netherland Club of New York, taking over from Hein Jan Keijzer who will leave New York later in 2019 after having served the Club for 3 years. We wish to thank Hein Jan for his significant contribution to further establishing the Netherland Club of New York as the prime location for Dutch culture, art and ideas.

Katherine joins us after a successful career producing art and entertainment events, notably the annual Wereldkerstcircus, a family affair that she proudly continues. Ben is a tax lawyer by eduction and an entrepreneur by trade who loves connecting people and getting things done. We are excited with both Katherine’s and Ben’s plans to build on the 116 years of TNC heritage.

Katherine and Ben have already started working with Hein Jan to ensure a seamless hand-over. You will have plenty of opportunity to see all three at work over the next few months and extend your well wishes.

Willem Houck,
President of The Netherland Club of NY


Katherine Vos van Liempt (Den Haag, 1984) will be the new General Manager of The Netherland Club of New York. She received her Bachelor degree in Media & Entertainment Management at the Haarlem Business School. In parallel, she built her company Arts Universal where she booked, managed and produced various shows in the Netherlands, the Middle East, and Japan. Ever since her NYC based internship in 2004 with Apricot Brown ltd, she longed to move back. When ID&T announced they were opening an office in New York, she took the opportunity and moved to NYC in 2012 as the project manager of Sensation USA.

Katherine has a true heart for theater and while in New York a dream came true when she was asked to co-produce Broadways The Visit, receiving a Tony Nomination for Best Musical. Now as General Manager of TNC Katherine looks forward to working closely with her counterpart Ben van Beek and together building and expanding on the great foundation her predecessor Hein-Jan Keijzer laid, by focusing on our wonderful community, exciting partnerships, and a dynamic cultural repertoire.


Ben van Beek is the new Event Manager of TNC. Ben is 36 years old and born and raised in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Ben is an adventurous guy and loves to travel. Although Ben has a Bachelors Degree in Tax Law, he prefers to work in social environments. Ben is an enthusiastic, open and social guy with a passion for hospitality.

In October 2018 he moved to New York with his husband Kevin de Wolf. Currently, they’re living in Hoboken NJ, but the plan is to move to the city this summer. At The Netherland Club, Ben will be responsible for the overall programming of the TNC events and running them.