On Monday, January 28th, the Consulate General in NY and The Netherland Club held their joined New Year’s reception 2019. During this busy event, a pleasant surprise awaited the visitors. Hein-Jan Keijzer, general manager of TNC, announced that the club has entered into a partnership with Voorn Croquettes. This Florida-based company will sponsor TNC and supply Bitterballen. These will not only be served during various TNC events and receptions but will be permanently available as a Dutch delicacy in the cozy Randolph’s Bar in the Warwick Hotel. This makes the Warwick hotel, home to The Netherland Club, the only place in New York City where real   Dutch Bitterballen are being served.

To celebrate this, the Warwick hotel and TNC together treated all visitors to Voorn Bitterballen. They were very much appreciated. If you have missed this tasting, no worries. The Bitterballen will be available in Randolph’s bar from the second week of February on. And not only the beef version, but also Voorn’s vegetarian Bitterballen.

We are very happy with this culinary traditional Dutch treat, and the good cooperation between Voorn, the Warwick, and TNC. We will inform you when the Bitterballen will become available.