On Saturday, December 1st 2018, we had a very honorable guest at The Netherland Club. Sinterklaas and his Pieten visited us during the annual Sinterklaas party of TNC and ’t Klokhuis.

We were all very surprised that Saint Nicholas and his helpers came this year by helicopter to New York. On the first hand this seemed to be a very smart idea, but it soon became clear that in the full packed ‘Sinterkopter’ all chocolate letters were broken. What to do? The chocolate Piet promised to fix it. But unfortunately, he seemed unable to puzzle all the small little pieces of chocolate back into complete letters again.

It was a mess, and the question was, how will this ever work out? Luckily, the children came up with the idea to melt all the chocolate pieces and to make new letters. Mr. Sjaakie of the Li-lack Chocolate Factory offered to help us and made together with the Chocolate Piet he mad new letters for all the children. Piet and mr. Sjaakie succeeded bring all the new chocolate letters, just in time, to Sinterklaas at the The Netherland Club.

A happy ending, which we celebrated with beautiful presents, many pepernoten and… delicious chocolate letters for all the children. It was a fantastic Sinterklaas party.

Pictures: © 2018 Simone Eringfeld