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We are very honored to present on Monday, December 10th, 2018 a unique TNCTALK by the world famous Dutch architect Francine Houben. In this lecture, she will tell about her current prestigious project; the renovation, and redesign of the iconic New York Public Library on 5th Avenue.

Francine Houben (1955) will tell about her architectural vision; each design is founded on an observation of people, location, culture, and climate. This analysis amounts to designs that respond to current needs, yet are also prepared for (un)predictable change. She will tell us how she applied this observation to her renovation plans, to redesign one of the world’s most famous libraries into a public space for all people. What are these plans? How is it going so far? And what are her experiences with working in New York, as a down to earth Dutch architect?

An interesting lecture about this very unique and significant architectural project in the heart of Manhattan, with a big Dutch signature.

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