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Join us on Tuesday, January 15th, 2019 for the TNCTALK: From Wall Street to Africa, by former Manhattan Dutchman Boudewijn Mohr. A lecture about his fascinating journey from a corporate banker in Wall Street to aid worker with UNICEF in Africa and how he succeeded in the transformation of one man’s mindset from the quest of mere money-making to achieving fulfillment for himself and his family.

Boudewijn Mohr was a senior international corporate banker in New York with Chase Manhattan Bank in Wall Street, and later with Société Générale’s newly opened branch in mid-town. Although living the good life in New York, professionally he never felt really satisfied with what he did. This changed after his radical job change in 1985 when he started working for Unicef. This new job, hands-on work in the field for this international organization, gave him the professional satisfaction which he had never felt in his former job on Wall Street.

About his job change and his more than 25 years of working experience as an operational manager for Unicef in Africa, Boudewijn wrote the recently published book ‘A Destiny in the Making’. Following this book, he will well in the TNC TALK about his fascinating work in some 36 countries on the African continent.

Boudewijn spearheads the clearing of landmines in Unicef project areas in Mozambique and engages with children throughout his travels on the continent. Thus, he can be found playing football with former child soldiers in Monrovia; touring Nouakchott with street children who show him the tricks of pickpocketing; or gate crashing a diamond mine that exploits child labor near Kenema in the rebel-infested east of Sierra Leone.

This inspiring TNCTALK: From Wall Street to Africa by Boudewijn Mohr, are both an adventure and the search of fulfillment but at the same time a call to all those who want to do more and are uncertain of what the world holds. After his talk, Boudewijn will be happy to sign copies of his book, “A Destiny in the Making: From Wall Street to UNICEF in Africa”.

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