On May 3rd 2018, TNC did The Freedom to Resist: Music and Words. A very special, moving and venerable event, of remembrance and reflection, in honor of the National Remembrance and Liberation Day in The Netherlands.

The award-winning young Dutch pianist Hugo Sloterdijk performed several beautiful pieces on the piano, alternating with American author Mary Fillmore. She read from her acclaimed historical novel “An Address in Amsterdam” and spoke about resistance. She questioned: when do we just stand by and when is there the need to act?

Afterward, Mary Fillmore sent us another thank-you e-mail, intended to all those who were present on that evening. She wrote:

“It was such a moving occasion for me last week when we gathered for “The Freedom to Resist.” Hugo Sloterdijk was a stellar performer and brought such feeling to the spirit of our evening, and of course without Hein-Jan it could never have happened.

To me, however, what meant the most was the opportunity to speak with so many of you, and to hear more stories of that terribly difficult time. Even after the 13 years it took me to research and write ‘An Address in Amsterdam’, I feel I’ve only scratched the surface. I hope to return to New York later this year so that I can follow up and speak individually with some of you.

If you read the book, of course I am eager to hear your reactions.”


More information about Mary Fillmore’s book ‘An Address in Amsterdam’ and her talks, check her website: www.maryfillmore.com/

More information about Hugo Sloterdijk and his scheduled performances, check his website: www.hugosloterdijk.nl