The New York city council established April 8th as the official New Amsterdam Cultural Heritage day. This is announced during the Amsterdam Day, on Monday April 8th 2019, in the stately building of the New York archive service, in the presence of Amsterdam’s Mayor Femke Halsema.

“It will be a day to recognise the shared culture of New York and Amsterdam, which exists thanks to the way in which the Dutch structured the city of New York – then New Amsterdam. They allowed people from many different places to come and grow here,” says Pauline Toole, head of the New York City Archives.

Mayor Halseman, who was in New York for a working visit, said that Amsterdam is ‘really honoured’ by this special day. She pleaded for attention to be paid to stories about the past, as a mirror for current generations and as a source of hope. “Nowadays, we certainly see in Europe that the interest in history is diluted and only becomes nostalgia.”

In the coming years TNC hopefully will participate in the events on April 8th.