In 1903, the Dutch Ambassador in Washington, Baron Gevers, founded The Netherland Club of New York (TNC) with 40 businessmen. Ever since TNC has been an important meeting point for the Dutch community in the New York area to socialize and enjoy Dutch cultural events. Our name, The Netherland Club, derives from the original name of the settlement which the Dutch founded ‘New Netherland’.

Here’s a little TNC history by numbers

  • 170 members were part of The Netherland Club with its foundation in 1903
  • Over 3000 Dutch New Yorkers are part of TNC today
  • In 1906 member J. Wertheim Heukelom donated $25,000 – the worth of his entire mortgage – to erase the Club’s deficit
  • TNC has had 33 Presidents leading TNC throughout the years
  • 26 years is the record number of Presidency years, held by J.A. de Lanoy
  • 6 volunteers are currently part of the Board of Directors
  • 31 Consul-Generals of the Netherlands have been closely associated with TNC’s activities, sharing ups and downs with its members
  • TNC is very grateful to its 15 corporate sponsors
  • 47 is the house number of the first Clubhouse on East 25th Street
  • TNC would not be as prosperous as it is today without the time and energy its 20 General Managers have given throughout the years
  • 4500 Americans and Netherlanders attended a Club’s reception in honor of Dutch Queen Wilhelmina at the Astor Hotel in July 1942
  • The arrival of the new herring in Dutch ports on Vlaggetjesdag every June has been celebrated for 55 years with a Heineken & Herring Party

If you’re interested in the full history of TNC, you can order the book ‘An Illustrated History of The Netherland Club of New York, 1903-2013‘, by sending an email to info@netherlandclub.com. This special limited edition is $27.50 (shipping fee excluded).