Willem Houck


Willem is a bit of a medical chameleon: he’s the founder and operator of a medical devices company, a medical payment reform company and a medical packaging company. In short, a true entrepreneur with a focus on innovation. He’s also extremely competitive. Imagine how he felt when his 8 year-old daughter beat him at tennis. Bouncing back from defeat, he took up tennis lessons. He needed 2 years to match her level. Last, but by no means least, he’s proud of the growth in TNC membership and exciting new programming effectuated under his presidency.

Arthur Heydendael

Vice President

Arthur is a publisher of Print-on-Demand and e-Books. His job has him talk to loads of people from all over the world. He loves exchanging cultural marks with his customers. Aside from an eclectic interest in different cultures, Arthur is passionate about gospel piano music, windsurfing, sailing and tennis. He is very proud to be a longtime TNC Board Member.
Oleg van Vlodrop

Oleg van Vlodrop


Oleg is an Estimator, Project and Energy Manager within the Utility/Energy industry both in New York and internationally. He currently works at the Project Management Office of PSEG, a large Energy/Utility Company.

He has many hobbies such as playing trumpet, horse riding, rowing, and speed skating which he tries to combine with his busy New York lifestyle which also includes helping his wife run Art events for MvVOART, a wonderful opportunity to be more connected to the Art & Cultural scene of New York. He is also a soccer dad! His son Loris is on the traveling team of the Southampton club.

Oleg has been a loyal member of TNC, supports its mission and is excited to contribute to its success and further growth.


Nicolette Huisman


Nicolette is an International Tax Advisor for Private Equity and Hedge Funds. She’s a total neat freak: tidying makes her unbelievably happy. There might only be one thing that makes her happier: traveling around the world. Nicolette is very proud of the fact that TNC stands out in New York by offering unique events with a Dutch touch.  

Yvonne Buysman

Board Member

Yvonne is a Sales & Marketing Executive in mobile technology. She is a big golf fan and a massive globetrotter. Buysman family fun fact: they founded the infamous Tulip Museum in Amsterdam where you learn about the ‘special and suspenseful history’ of Holland’s treasured flower. Yvonne is proud of TNC’s creative programming highlighting Dutch culture and the club’s dynamic network that keeps the Dutch connection strong in NYC.

Jeroen Bours

Board Member

Jeroen is known in the design and marketing world for quite a few international and U.S. campaigns that have lasted for decades. The priceless campaign for MasterCard being his longest running idea in over 170 countries.

He’s the founder of Darling, a boutique think shop in Manhattan that’s helping startups and corporations who want to think like a startup again. He’s also known for breaking the law when it comes to speeding on his motorcycle.
He spends a huge amount of time traveling between Tel Aviv, Amsterdam and Southold, his escape on the North Folk of Long Island.

His marketing experience benefits TNC New York to help it grow and keep it fun.