Here’s something we are very proud of: New York City as we know it would not have existed without the Dutch. The City’s longstanding belief – that anyone, from anywhere, can make it here – and the pride New Yorkers take in being a multicultural melting pot originates in New Amsterdam, the city that Dutch settlers built on the island of Manhattan. This city was the beating heart of their thriving colony, New Netherland. Our Club’s moniker, The Netherland Club of New York, derives from that flourishing settlement.

Our mission

The Netherland Club of New York (TNC) is on a mission to keep the Dutch heart beating in NYC. We offer a wide range of events that leverage Dutch art, culture and ideas. With these we hope to stimulate a cross-cultural dialogue. Since 1903 TNC has been a lively meeting point not only for Dutch people living in and around New York, but to all of those interested in The Netherlands and its heritage.

TNC Events

TNC brings a broad mix of events to the table. Discover great Dutch artists, filmmakers, authors and musicians at TNCART, TNCFILM or TNCJAZZ; join a spirited debate or lecture on political, societal and cultural topics at TNCTALK or come and network at our monthly Thirsty Third Thursday for Dutch Young Professionals. Get a taste of Holland at TNCFOOD or the annual Heineken & Herring Party. TNC is where you need to be for your Dutch fix.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of volunteers. The members are residents of New York City area. The composition of the board is diverse – ranging from old-timers to new arrivals. They meet monthly to plan new events and manage the affairs of the Club. During the Annual Meeting in spring, members of The Netherland Club have the opportunity to vote for new board members and officers. For detailed information and questions, please feel free to contact the board directors by sending an e-mail to info@netherlandclub.com


In 1903, the Dutch Ambassador in Washington, Baron Gevers, founded The Netherland Club of New York (TNC) with 40 businessmen. Ever since TNC has been an important meeting point for the Dutch community in the New York area to socialize and enjoy Dutch cultural events. Our Club’s name, The Netherland Club, derives from the original name of the settlement which the Dutch founded ‘New Netherland’. Here’s a little TNC history by numbers.